How Timeshare Points Work

A big appeal of timeshare properties is that you have guaranteed vacation accommodation in beautiful locations. Timeshares often allow you to travel for a set amount of days during a specific time frame year after year. For those who plan vacations in advance and are comfortable with a set schedule, these properties can be ideal.

Timeshare properties allow individuals and families to have access to luxurious resorts with great amenities. Many vacationers prefer staying in a larger timeshare property over a cramped hotel room because they will have access to a kitchen, living area, and separate bedrooms.

Another potential perk of timeshare properties is that many work on a points system. Timeshare points are not unlike airline miles or a unique form of currency. These points can be spent on stays at participating resorts, giving you more choices than a standard timeshare stay.

How do timeshare points work?

For standard timeshares, guests have access to just their timeshare property within the set limitations of time slots and allotted weeks. Usually timeshare owners can stay at their property during the same week every year. If the owner is not planning to use their property that year, then some (but not all) contracts allow the owner to rent the property out for that timeframe.

If a timeshare has a points system, then an owner could trade in their timeshare stay for points to use at another resort or location instead. The number of points that the owner can earn for a week’s stay at their property depends on the location, size of the property, amenities, etc. A larger, more luxurious property in a desirable location would naturally be worth more points than a smaller place with fewer amenities.

Many resorts and properties join together to allow points to be spent between multiple companies. This gives owners more choice in their vacation plans and more flexible use of their timeshare. Depending on your contract, timeshare points may also be applicable for use on rental car services or other purchases.

While timeshare points are definitely more flexible than a timeshare week at one property, there are still drawbacks. Any timeshare still has availability restrictions and limitations, so you don’t have complete freedom in planning your vacation. In addition, the cost of staying at timeshare properties often adds up to be much more expensive than hotel stays and vacation rentals and this is the main reason people try to cancel timeshare contracts after a while.

Who can use them?

Timeshare points aren’t only available to timeshare owners. Individuals can purchase timeshare points for use at different resorts based on their vacation preferences.

Timeshare points offer more flexibility to timeshare owners who are otherwise locked in to their specific property.

As with all major purchases, carefully consider your options before you commit. The lure of timeshares is often greatest when you are vacationing and your defenses are down. Despite the attractiveness of “owning” a piece of timeshare property, it might end up costing you more than you’re comfortable spending and you must know that getting out of a timeshare contract is not an easy job!

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