How to Purchase a Timeshare

A timeshare can be either a liability or an asset depending on how frequently you will use it. For the past few years, timeshares have received a lot of bad press, especially in the United States. No one is to blame. There are malicious sellers and there are ignorant timeshare buyers. And these have resulted in abuse and misconception.

For you to avoid getting into a contract that you will eventually cancel, you must know more about timeshares. And knowing how to find a property and buy one is the first step to having an asset you will not regret later on.

Purchasing a timeshare is easier than ever thanks to the Internet. Many timeshare sellers can be found on listing websites. If you simply want to rent a timeshare, there are plenty to choose from. Most resellers and people who want to rent out their timeshares look for buyers and renters online.

If you think that timeshare properties are not worth the money, rest assured that at least 82% of timeshare buyers have stated that they felt an immense wave of satisfaction with their decision. That is according to the American Resort Development Association or ARDA. Also, once they have bought a timeshare, they have become frequent vacationers.

Online Browsing for Timeshare Properties

It is recommended that you start browsing for properties online, because there is no pressure. When talking to a seller or agents that sell timeshare, you will be always pressed to buy the properties. Regardless if that timeshare property is something you do or do not want, cunning sellers can “persuade” you to buy. And that situation often leads to premature timeshare cancellations, which is something you would not want to experience.


Browsing timeshare listings not only makes it easier for you to choose the property you want, but also can provide discounts. However, remember that not all of those timeshare discounts are true. Always be a careful shopper, and do not believe everything you see and read about cheap timeshares.


A timeshare contact can be hell, especially to the uninformed. Be sure to look up timeshare contracts and properties. Even if it is a nice thing to have a vacation property that you can use during your holidays, they can be expensive. If you cannot understand the workings or the nature of such contracts, it is heavily advisable that you get a timeshare broker to help you out.

User Groups

Joining a user group on the Web that focuses on timeshares or timeshare forums is a nice idea to know where to start looking for and buying a timeshare property. However, take note that some user groups have membership fees. The membership is not that pricey, though, so it is up to you if you want to take this route.

The advantage of joining a timeshare group is that you can expose yourself to the sellers first. You can know them personally and ask for advice. Additionally, you will be able to mingle with other buyers. You can ask them for their experiences and even trade timeshare properties with them in the future. This is also a nice place to learn how to sell a timeshare property.

Best Way to Sell My Timeshare

The best way to sell a timeshare is to sell it to members of timeshare user groups. How to sell my timeshare outside the group? Place it in websites that list timeshares for sell on the internet.

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