Sell My Timeshare OR Exit My Timeshare

” To sell or exit? That is the question.” Doesn’t this sound like a line Shakespeare would use to paint the timeshare dilemma? The most common question on the timeshare is, ” What is the best way to sell my timeshare?” The best way to answer this question is with another question.

Is there a best way to sell a timeshare?

The internet is awash with companies claiming to sell timeshare. Be wary of such company! (Pun intended) They are little more than OUTRIGHT SCAMS. These companies market the idea that selling a timeshare is a breeze. What a lie!

It is not that easy to sell a timeshare. The biggest hurdle to such a sale is the acute lack of customers. Look again at those ‘sellmytimesharenow‘ companies. Do they give a guarantee of a period in which they will have sold your timeshare? Why do you think? (ALARM BELLS RINGING)

There are three main things you need appreciate on how to sell a timeshare.

a. It is harder than it sounds. Almost impossible!
b. It may take years, decades or longer. All the while, you continue to make all payments due.
c. All payments should be up-to-date for a timeshare to qualify for the market. If you want to sell because you cannot keep up with the payments, think again.

If you are still wondering how to sell timeshare; if you really must get an answer to the pressing question, ” How can I sell my timeshare?” Read on. I give you the ideal steps to sell timeshare. Step (ii) is especially pivotal for the sale.

i. You set up a ‘selling a timeshare‘ ad.
ii. The ad frees a genie from a thousand-year-old slumber.
iii. The genie asks you to make a wish. ” Sell my timeshare now!” You scream.
iv. You ……………………..

Do you see where I am headed with this discourse? Keep this in mind; thousands have attempted to pay people to take their credit shares and failed. Selling, I guess, would fare worse than paying.

Legally terminating timeshare is the most valid approach when dealing with timeshare. Timeshare contracts have many loopholes that can be used to found a ground for termination. The trick is to let professionals look at your contract. You will be surprised to see what they will come up with to free you of the burden. Credit repair is another bonus when you use professionals (TimesharePros) to terminate a timeshare contract.

DISCLAIMER: Do not attempt to face-off with timeshare companies. They will maul you. Timeshare termination is a rigorous battle against timeshare scams best left to the pros. TimesharePros to be precise.

The other options at your disposal are:

a. Going Macho and forfeiting payments.
b. Filing for bankruptcy.

The two are, however, extreme measures that will affect your credit score for years to come. They will see the timeshare company lose a few dollars but you, on the other hand, will bear the full brunt of the loss. The negatives of these moves could haunt you for decades.

These two extremities are also too excessive. Especially because there are legal paths that can be employed to get timeshares off your back (and bank) forever.

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