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Over 8 million Americans own a timeshare. Timeshares are very easy to purchase and deceptively hard to get out of. There are very few experts that specialize in helping get relief from this financial burden. Here at TimesharePros, however, we specialize in timeshare contract cancellation. We are like the 911 for ‘cancel my timeshare‘ emergencies. We have helped many dissatisfied clients exit timeshares.To cancel a timeshare, we work around its ironclad small print. Each timeshare exit is a battle. To cancel your timeshare, you will need people who know how to cancel timeshare contracts. TimesharePros is made up of people who have worked in the timeshare industry and know all of its tricks intimately.A timeshare exit is only possible if you know how to cancel timeshare contracts. If you are wondering how you can cancel your timeshare contract you can rest easy. Contact us for help with your time share exit. We help our clients exit their timeshare through deed transfers or mortgage cancellations. We also help clients repair their credit if it suffered due to being beholden to their timeshare contract.

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Many timeshare owners soon realize that their assets are liabilities. Even after paying off the purchase price, you may still find yourself incurring maintenance fees on a lifetime contract. You can still escape this trap. A Deed Transfer does the trick. It frees you from further maintenance fees.

Deed Transfers are, however, only applicable if you have cleared the timeshare’s purchase price. A deed transfer involves getting your name out of a deed. Transfer of deed removes from you all responsibilities for making any payments on the timeshare. A deed transfer nullifies your liability to pay maintenance fees. If you have not fully paid off the purchase price, a mortgage cancellation would be the best option for you.


Mortgage cancellation is an exit route for clients who are still paying the timeshare’s purchase price and its interest. Mortgage cancellation is a move that seeks to terminate the contract on the grounds of broken consumer protection laws.

Timeshare salespeople break some consumer protection laws and use misleading tactics to sell timeshares. The number one complaint we hear from consumers is they were lied to. We have consumers tell us they were promised that their maintenance fees were locked in, they could make a profit by renting out their timeshare and their timeshare would increase in value; any of these is a basis for contract termination. The cliche refusal to give clients gifts unless they purchase is another obvious illegality. Mortgage cancellation involves studying your contract to find a loophole for its cancellation.


Timeshares are legally binding documents approved by the courts. As such, they reserve the rights to take legal action against late payments, foreclosures, and non-payments. Their most common form of client punishment is lashing at client’s credit scores.

Timeshare companies damage credit scores by giving bad comments which show up on customers credit report. It may take over a decade to outgrow such damage to credit. Professional intervention may, however, lower this number to a few short weeks.

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