Working of Timeshare Agreement

Timeshares are a simple concept that is always made complicated by the ones who exploit it. And due to this, timeshares have garnered plenty of bad rep. What could be a way for families to make use of properties that are, financially speaking, out of their reach, was muddled and corrupted by those seeking to exploit the concept. 

What is a timeshare? A timeshare is an agreement between two parties wherein you will share the cost and usage of a property. The property does not need to be a vacation house near a good resort. It can be a condominium unit or an apartment. 

Before getting into or buying a timeshare property, you should research about the property and the concept of timeshare itself very carefully. You would not want to be part of a great majority of people who regretted getting involved with timeshares and are asking how to get out of a timeshare when it is already too late. 

Timeshares can be categorized into three types. The first one is right-to-use. The second one is fee-simple. And the last one is vacation club.


This is the most common and basic form of timeshare. The owner of the property or timeshare company will lease the unit to you. The duration of the timeshare lease depends on you. You can lease for one or two weeks every year for five or ten years. The owner of the property may provide conditions and duration limitations.

All the fees that concern the property are shared among everyone in a timeshare. These include maintenance and assessment fees. Even if you are already paying maintenance fees, you are still expected to pay if there are repairs to be done to the property.


In the previous timeshare set up, a contract is enough. In fee-simple, you will be mandated to use a deed. Instead of just simply leasing, you are actually going to buy the property. Aside from the usual fees, you will also be required to be responsible with property taxes and such.

Vacation Club or Timeshare Point System

Compared to being bound by a contract, deed, property, or even location, this is a far more simple setup. This is possible for resort chains or big timeshare companies. You can buy points or timeshare promotions which will be your choosing power, and select which property you want to use. Some companies even create a vacation package to go with it.

Can You Get Out of a Timeshare Contract?

The simplest way to get rid of timeshare property is to rescind when it is possible or sell it to another person. You can also rent the property to other people during your timeshare duration if you cannot use it.

Timeshare cancellation might become a huge time-waster. And unfortunately, the chances are high that you will suffer in the end. If you want to at least take minimal damage from cancellation, it is advisable that you immediately contact and hire a timeshare attorney to set everything right.

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